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In short: This is a Karaoke echo machine.  Words spoken in the iPhone’s microphone will come back a few seconds later.  It’s like the echo effect you can hear at a mountain.  You can get various kinds of effects by changing the delay time and the feedback rate.

To make music: Tap on the table – it sounds like “tock”……”tock”…..”tock”….. Clap your hands – you’ll hear “tock”, “clap”, “tock”, “clap”, “tock”, “clap”… You can produce simple musical patterns this way.

Daily life use: Leave it as it is.  It’s fun to hear repeating sounds of ordinary life.  You can use the stereo headset with the mic.  Take a walk with the iPhone in your pocket and enjoy the repeating sounds around you.

In detail: “Echochops” produces a feedback delay effect (an echo effect) on the sounds from the iPhone’s microphone. The feedback delay is widely used to produce rich vocal and guitar sounds.  It is also used as a special kind of musical performance. You can use “Echochops” not only as a “musical” application  but also as a “noisy” experiment.


  • Input and output level setting
  • Delay time setting, within 60 seconds.
  • Feedback rate setting, from 0% to 100%
  • Direct and Delay balance setting
  • Mode setting to change delay time, “Glitch” or “Funny”.
  • Output route setting, headphone/receiver or speaker.
  • Upside-down portrait mode for efficient use of microphone and speaker
  • Delayed sound can be erased
  • Works with iPod audio simultaneously

[[ ATTENTIONS ]] Due to a latency of an audio input and output, the actual delaying time will be slightly longer than the setting.  A natural feedback through the air may happen because the microphone and speaker are placed closely on the iPhone.  Distorted sounds or harsh grating noises will be produced depending of the setting of parameters.  It would be better NOT to use this application if you cannot stand noisy sounds.

echochops-0 echochops-1-j echochops-2






  • 入力レベルと出力レベルの設定
  • 最大60秒までのディレイ時間の設定
  • ディレイ時間とスライダーの範囲は数値入力可能
  • 0%から100%までのフィードバック率の設定
  • ダイレクト音とディレイ音のバランス設定
  • ディレイ時間変更時のモード(グリッチとファニー)の設定
  • サウンド出力(ヘッドフォン/レシーバとスピーカ)の設定
  • スピーカーとマイクを効果的に使えるUpside Downモードに対応
  • フィードバック・ディレイ中のサウンドの消去
  • iPod Audioとの同時動作



  1. I bought echochops for my 3GS. But it doesn’t seem to record. The screen shown in the App site which has the circular dots never shows. I’m not sure if this might be operator error or something else.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi James, It’s just an imaginary image that is not shown in the app. I should make it clearer. Sorry for that.

  3. This seems like a fantastic app… will it support audio interfaces which use the 30-pin connector, or will it only use the internal mic / headphone jack ring input?

    Also, any chance that you might add a “hold” button so that it can be used as a n ambient looper (like the Lexicon Jam-Man?)

  4. hi, how can i work with Echoshops, i’m running the program on my iphone but I didn’t get response. I have iphone 4 v4.3.5

  5. Hi maurojv, It works properly on my iPhone 4 and iOS 4.3.5. It might be good to restart your iPhone. Please try to change some settings and options, for example, “Speaker” in Output option.

  6. i bought echoshops too for my iPhone4 but the program doesn’t record anything. I understand that the program can do but I can not put it to work. which is the record button and which the play button?

  7. Hi maurojv, Echochops is a “delay effect” application so that it has no “record” button. Just tap “Play” button and then it works.


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