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Mirrorscope – Magical Peephole

Mirrorscope produces various visual effects using the iPhone’s built-in camera in real time. These visual effects are not only space-based like a mirror but also time-based. All settings will be changed automatically but you can configure settings described below when you upgrade the application (with In App Purchase).

  • Visual effects
  • Automatic option
  • Sleep disabled option
  • Front/Rear camera (for compatible devices)
  • Torch (Flash light) (for compatible devices)
  • Screen capture
  • Full screen display

mirrorscope-1-e mirrorscope-21 mirrorscope-31 mirrorscope-41

Mirrorscope – 摩訶不思議な覗き穴


  • 映像効果の選択
  • 自動切替の設定
  • スリープ禁止の設定
  • カメラの切替(対応機種のみ)
  • フラッシュの切替(対応機種のみ)
  • スクリーン・キャプチャ
  • フルスクリーン表示

mirrorscope-1-j mirrorscope-ex0 mirrorscope-ex1 mirrorscope-ex2

mirrorscope-ex3 mirrorscope-ex4 mirrorscope-ex5 mirrorscope-ex6

mirrorscope-2 mirrorscope-3 mirrorscope-4 mirrorscope-5


  1. ピンバック: 鏡に映る真実【Mirrorscope】リリース « akalogue

  2. Hello.
    I found yesterday this App and I must say it’s loads of fun, I can’t stop playing with it.
    Great work.
    But I have to ask, is there any chance for increased resolution of final image?
    Maybe some video version of this also?

  3. Hi, G-MB-, Maybe the high resolution would be in the next version. Video recording is not in my plan. Sorry for that.



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