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Timetracks – Slit-Scan Camera

Timetracks is a camera image-capture application which uses a slit-scan technique. Like an image scanner, it generates a unique effect over a certain defined duration – moving objects and changing scenes will produce interesting photographs.

This application includes the following optional settings:
– One way, Palindrome and Still scan movement
– Scan line width
– Scan time interval
– Save to Camera Roll
– Disable Sleep


When you activate the “Save to Camera Roll” option, the image will be automatically saved periodically. The activity indicator will be shown while saving. Please note that any unsaved images will be lost when you quit the application.

FYI: I also made the installation version of Timetracks. You can check it here.



A ship trip from Naoshima Island to Uno Port (10240 x 320 pixels)


An observation deck in Ohtsu service area (5120 x 320 pixels)


Shopping Mall, Scan Movement=Palindrome (At the same position of the below picture)


Shopping Mall, Scan Movement=Still (At the same position of the above picture)











Timetracks – スリット・スキャン・カメラ


– 片道、往復、静止のスキャン方式
– スキャン・ラインの幅
– スキャンの時間間隔
– カメラロールへの画像保存
– スリープの禁止



FYI: インスタレーション版Timetracksも制作しています。こちらでご覧にいただけます。

Timetracks – 스캐너 카메라

Timetracks는 슬릿 스캔 방식으로 영상을 표시, 촬영하는 응용 프로그램입니다.
스캐너와 같이, 긴 시간에 걸쳐 이미지를 만들어내므로, 움직임이 있는 물체나 풍경을 촬영할 경우 재미있는 효과를 얻을 수 있습니다.

Timetracks는 이하과 같은 옵션 설정이 가능합니다.
– 단방향 스캔, 왕복 스캔, 고정 스캔의 3가지 방식
– 스캔 라인의 두께 설정
– 스캔 시간 간격
– 카메라롤에 사진 저장
– 잠자기 기능 정지


사진 저장 옵션을 설정하면, 자동적으로 사진이 저장되며, 저장되는 중에는 진행 상태가 표시 됩니다.
저장 진행이 끝나기 전에 응용 프로그램을 종료하면, 작성중인 사진은 저장되지 않으므로 주의하시기 바랍니다.

FYI: I also made the installation version of Timetracks. You can check it here.


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  3. I have purchased your app, and it is very interesting, but it would be so very wonderful if you could make the app save the current timetracks image immediately when the user touches anywhere in the image area of the current track. That way, the user can more easily control when the save occurs. Also, it would be very wonderful if you could make the timetracks more than 320 pixels high, if you were to use 1000 pixels, that would make a much better print.
    Thank you for this very interesting application,

  4. Hey there, I purchased this app, and it barely ever works… It usually gets about 1/5 of the way through the screen, and then freezes. Cool idea, but does not work as advertised. saving is a big issue, too.

    iPhone 3Gs, iOS4.1

  5. Hi Jarret, I checked Timetracks with iPhone 3GS and iOS4.1 and it works properly. Would you try re-install the app and restart your iPhone ?

  6. Hi Kamem, The generated image will be saved automatically by 1024 pixels while you enable “Save to Camera Roll” option. You can see the image in the Camera Roll of “Photos” app.

  7. great app

    whens the update
    hopefully with higher res and quick save functions
    but great app


  8. Hey Masayuki

    couple of thoughts for next upgrade

    1 longer time maybe up to 1 min –

    2 this maybe hard to do – but some kind of soft merging between sections – although the sharp lines are also excellent – soft blur option

    3 higher res saved files

    4 option to save when desired image reached

    fantastic app – already creating some great images

    many thanks

  9. 初めまして。

  10. yuji imaiさん、必ずしもではないようですが、ご指摘の現象を確認しています。現在対応を進めていますので、いましばしお待ちいただけますか?ご迷惑をおかけして大変申し訳ありません。

  11. Akamatsu様

  12. hi

    i have just updated my ipod touch and now timetracks only displays a white screen

    please can you fix this

    this is one of my favorite apps

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease fix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. I am seeing white screen and inconsistent photo captures as well. Deleted app, restarted, reinstalled, no change in behavior…this is one of my favorite apps and since I’m dating to iphone IOS 4.3.1 there has been this problem with TimeTracks. please let me know if you need any example photos. I will be glad to send them!

  14. Hi blortblort, I’m fixing it. Please wait for a while. I hope the updated version will be available at App Store soon.

  15. The updated version of Timetracks was rejected by Apple. I think it’s because of a schematic reason (not a technical reason) and it might take more days to be in approval. I’m sorry and thank you for waiting.

  16. That is odd, Masayuki….take your time… I’m sure all of us will realize it is worth waiting for once your update is accepted 😉

  17. Timetracks has been updated. Now it supports iOS 4, iPod touch (4G), iPad 2. Thanks for waiting.

  18. …and it is a WONDERFUL thing to have Timetracks back!!! Thanks for your hard work!!!!!

  19. Hi blortblort, Thank you for waiting. I went to WWDC and asked the staff directly. Then the app was approved. It’s a long story of over two months.



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