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赤松 正行(あかまつ まさゆき) 博士(美術)



代表作には、50台のコンピュータによって音と映像を提示する「incubator」、鑑賞者の時間体験をリアルタイムに映像化する「Time Machine!」、パフォーマーの身体をコンピュータ制御する「Flesh Protocol」、ラジオ放送を解読してロボットが演奏する「decipher」、画像解析を駆使した映像音響による即興ダンス「陶製の身体」などがある。ソロやセッションによる演奏活動も多く、「Maxの教科書」(共著)や「iPhone SDKの教科書」などの著作もある。また、neumannpianoおよびThe Breadbaord Bandのメンバーとしても活動中。

近年はモバイル・デバイスにおける表現研究や、人と社会への影響の考察に取り組んでいる。特に、開発したiPhone用ネイティブ・アプリケーションは30個を超え、App Storeで公開している他、数十台のiPhoneによる展示・パフォーマンス「Snowflakes」、「Okeanos Buoys」などの作品制作や、ソーシャルARシステム「セカイカメラ(頓智・)」などへと展開している。



大垣市領家町3-95 IAMAS

電話: 0584-75-6600(代表)
FAX: 0584-75-6637
電子メール: aka (a)
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Masayuki Akamatsu, Ph.D (Fine Arts)

Masayuki Akamatsu is a media producer, born in Hyogo, Japan, in 1961. He studied psychology at Kobe University and worked as a social worker for the city of Kobe until 1997, when he started to work at the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences as an associate professor. From 2002, he became a professor at the same university. Akamatsu received the degree of Ph.D at the Graduate School of Art of the Kyoto University of Arts in 2006.

Since the 1980’s he made use of the computer to create works not only in the field of music, but also in the field of video arts and networking, focusing on the relation between an artwork and the audience and the autonomy of an artwork itself.

His characteristic works include: “incubator” (2000), which projects audio-visual events with fifty computers; “Time Machine!” (2002-), which visualizes the audience’s experience of time in real time; “Flesh Protocol” (2002), which controls the performer’s body with a computer; “Earthen Bodied Augur” (2007), which realizes the audio-visual improvisational dance using an image analysis. He has published many books including “Max Textbook ” (Ritto-Music, 2009, co-author) and “iPhone SDK Textbook” (Syuwa System, 2009).Akamatsu is also active in performing live electronic music. He has not only soloed but also participated in many sessions and played as a member of “The Breadboard Band”.

Recently, Akamatsu’s research is concerning the expression of mobile devices and their personal and social influence. He has produced over thirty iPhone applications and published them at the App Store. His mobile artworks include: “Sekai Camera” (2008-, Tonchidot), which realizes a social AR system, and “Snowflakes” (2008-) and “Okeanos Buoys” (2010), which project audio-visual experiences over dozens of iPhones.


Masayuki Akamatsu
3-95 Ryouke,Ogaki
503-0014 JAPAN

Phone: +81-584-75-6600
Fax: +81-584-75-6637
E-mail: aka (a)

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Curriculum Vitae

1961 Born in Hyogo, Japan
1980 Studied Pychology at Kobe University
1984 Worked in Kobe City Goverment
1997 Associate Professor of Sound/Media Arts, at IAMAS
2002 Professor of Sound/Media Arts, at IAMAS
2006 Awarded Ph.D(Fine Arts) at Kyoto City University of Arts

Activities Shortlist

2010 Exhibition “Okeanos Buoys”, Incheon, Korea
2009 Exhibition “Soulfood”, Schorndrof, Germany
2009 Exhibition “Snowflakes”, Hong Kong, China
2008 Performance “Snowflakes”, Shanghai, China
2008 iPhone Application “SekaCamera”, San Francisco, USA
2008 iPhone Applications, App Store, Worldwide
2007 Exhibition “Characters”, Berlin, Germany
2007 Performance “CAMP07”, Stuttgart, Germany
2007 Exhibition “ATOMxGALAXIES”, Seoul, Korea
2006 Performance “ISEA”, San Jones, USA
2006 Performance “NIME”, Paris, France
2006 Exhibition “Takeway Festival”, London, UK
2005 Performance :Isoho-monogatari”, Kobe, Japan
2005 Exhibition “Golden Numbers”, Seoul, Korea
2005 Exhibition “TIME MACHINE!”, Kobe, Japan
2004 Performance “VSMM”, Ogaki, Japan
2004 Exhibition “ADADA”, Seoul, Korea
2004 Exhibition “Ars Electronica Festival”, Linz, Austria
2004 Performance “ISEA”, Helsinki, Finland
2004 Performance “IFAT”, Taipei, Taiwan
2004 Performance “Ogaki Biennale”, Ogaki, Japan
2003 Performance “Bulgasari Festival”, Seoul, Korea
2003 Performance “VRSJ”, Gifu, Japan
2003 Performance “DUO Tour”, Fukuoka, etc.,Japan
2003 Exhibition “Time As Media”, Tokyo, Japan
2003 Exhibition “Respond”, Cambridge, UK
2003 Performance “Robotic Music”, Kobe, Japan
2002 Exhibition “ISEA”, Nagoya, Japan
2002 Exhibition “Video Topique”, Strasbourg, France
2002 Performance “Trans Max Night”, Kobe, Tokyo, Japan
2002 Exhibition “FEN”, Tokyo, Japan
2001 Performance “Media Art Festival”, Hamamatsu, Japan
2000 Exhibition “Hon’ami Koetsu Exhibition”, Philadelphia, USA
1999 Exhibition “incubator”, Kobe, Japan
1998 Exhibition “infodepot”, Ogaki, Tokyo, Japan
1997 Exhibition “World Remix”, Kobe, Japan
1996 Performance “ManMade”, Nishinomiya, Japan
1995 Exhibition “soundtronics”, Tokyo, Kyoto, Japan

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2009 “Max Textbook” /「Maxの教科書」, Rittor Music,Inc.
2009 “iPhone SDK Textbook” /「iPhone SDKの教科書」, Shuwa System
2008 “iPhone and Android” /「iPhoneの本質 Androidの真価」, Nikkei BP
2006 “2061:Max Odyssey” /「2061:Maxオデッセイ」, Rittor Music,Inc.
2005 “The Jitter Book” /「The Jitter Book」, Cameo Interactive
2004 “The Max Book” /「The Max Book」, Cameo Interactive
2003 “Mac OS X Pocket Reference” /「Mac OS X ポケットリファレンス」, Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.
2002 “200CDs for Techno/Electronica” /「200CD テクノ/エレクトロニカ」Rippu Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd.
2002 “Macintosh Terminology Dictionary” /「Macintosh最新なんでも用語辞典」, Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.
2002 “Cocoa+Java” /「Cocoa+Java~Mac OS Xプログラミング」, Kobunsha
2001 “Trans Max Express” /「トランスMaxエクスプレス」Rittor Music,Inc.
2000 “Mac OS Pocket Referemce” /「Mac OS ポケットリファレンス」, Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.
1996 “Visual Programming with Prograph CPX” /「Prograph CPXによるビジュアルプログラミング入門」, Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.
1996 “Magical Max Tour” /「マジカルMaxツアー」, D’Art
1995 “Visual Architecht!” /「Visual Architect!」, D’Art
1995 “HyperTalk 2.4 Reference” /「HyperTalk 2.3活用リファレンス」, Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.
1994 “Code Resource” /「コードリソース」, BNN
1994 “Macintosh Hardware” /「マックのハードがわかる本」, Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.
1993 “Multimedia Programming” /「マルチメディア・プログラミング」, BNN
1992 “Macintosh Amusement Bible”「Macintosh Amusement Bible」, Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.